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By:David Kalat
Published on 2007 by Vertical Incorporated
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J-HORROR: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE RING, THE GRUDGE AND BEYOND, is an encyclopedia-like reference to all available Japanese horror films on Celluloid, video and dvd. It begins with a history of the industry that was built around 'The Ring', and how the many different manifestations of the single story spawned a new horror film aesthetic that has resonated the world over. Beyond 'The Ring', David Kalat also goes into the work that has been inspired by such themes as ghosts, little children, the media, and the unnamable aesthetic patina of J-Horror. This extensive history of J-horror looks into about 100 different films, most of which can be found in VHS or DVD format. J-HORROR: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO THE RING, THE GRUDGE AND BEYOND, explains what is going on in Japanese horror film, and also tells you where to find these movies when you're ready to find them.

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